Open Marriage Movie Review: Swinging Relationships and Boundaries

John and Jackie review the movie “Open Marriage”.

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  • Yep. In the end, disappointment. Again. (laughing)

    For the sake of Neilsen-ratings, popularity, revenues(?), controversy (often pandering to the uglier sides of human nature), or propaganda, the American film-entertainment industry often maligns the reality of Alternative Lifestyles such as Swinging or BDSM. More often than not I find this to be the case in cinema or TV. And take it from me, (Ugh Grrrrr!) this is more so the case with SSC BDSM! Therefore, it is a VERY GOOD thing that Open Marriage is completely fictional and should be purely regarded as such! Cuz if you haven’t done it, much less tried it — with good determined attempts! — then you don’t TRULY know whether it works or doesn’t, or while under suspended judgement there needs to be more time, growth, and education to be sufficiently determined.

    That said, I would MUCH RATHER listen and learn from you two than ever totally depend on American TV-Cinema… unless I wanted to adequately learn what NOT TO DO!!! Bwahahahaha!

    Thanks you guys for your take and feedback on the film! You’re both awesome!

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