Can Joining The Swingers Lifestyle Save A Relationship?

We receive emails from our readers periodically asking would the lifestyle help if their relationship isn’t working out for one reason or another. So does swinging really help the matter?? Find out…


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  • C and S says:

    We have received your emails over the last few months and can not thank you enough. My wife and I have been hungry for information sources about swinging and polyamorous lifestyle since entering into it over 3 years ago. It was hard to know some of the rights and wrongs as we stumbled along till we finally sabotaged a 2 year relationship with a young single male.
    The insight offered by you two is priceless and we always look forward to your next video subject

  • John:

    I couldn’t agree more with you regarding confronting/addressing the critical problems in the relationship BEFORE complicating it with secondary partners. In my 14-15 years in the open-lifestyle, 9 times out of 10, putting the “cart” in front of the “horse” does not work. The full enjoyment and benefits of our lifestyle are achieved when EVERYONE is comfortable, proactively communicating, having fun, over several/many years, and have earned those healthy levels of trust with each other.


    “Amplifying” the issues to the point of panic and perhaps emotional outbursts, overwhelming one if not both partners/spouses usually happens when attempting to use the lifestyle as a repair-kit. I don’t recommend it either. It takes the 101 and 201 levels mano-a-mano first before moving to the post-grad scenarios and testing. The sound fundamentals really should be established first. Yes Jackie and John! “Even better. Even deeper!” when the solid foundation is layed first.

    And if I may, really understanding the meaning and application of compersion helps tremendously in the fun, satisfying, new deep friendships (romances?) that start and enhance everyone’s lives!

    Another great video you two. Bravo!

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