Swinging Relationships And Emotions

By February 14, 2017Swing Lifestyle Videos

Swinging can have a LOT more emotions involved than traditional relationships, so it’s important to talk about them. John and Jackie discuss the consideration of these emotions when in a swinger a relationship.


  • Lynn says:

    Hi Guys,

    Another great video, and to say something I have said many times before. Love is not a finite thing, and is in fact infinite. Just because you give love to one person, does not mean you have less love to give to another. It isn’t like water in a bucket, where if you take some out, there is less left in the bucket. You don’t use up some quantity of love per person that you love, so you have less for someone else.

    Though this is such a simple concept, it seems to be VERY difficult for most people to grasp and accept who have been raised their entire lives believing in only one relationship model. Thank you guys for again touching on such a great topic in such a helpful and educational way.

    Lynn M.
    Carrollton, TX

  • Ashley says:

    I really needed to hear this. I’m struggling with having someone “in my head” and feel like it’s almost emotional cheating, even though my husband completely approves.

  • John/Jackie,

    This is such a great topic and video-blog! Very happy you two brought it up because real emotions, expressed or hidden or both, can be tricky when we are free to experience human chemistry, right? As you mentioned John, it is a process.

    In our lifestyle everyone goes through the emotional process whether veteran or newbie. That is actually one of the big liberating perks! If not, then perhaps one is only going through the motions? Afraid? If that’s the case, it is natural, but then ask why? And if tuck that away, the indifference and lack of enthusiasm or fear will still surface and likely cause confusion and further complications. Hence, as usual honest two-way communication with precise articulation and inside a circle of patience and non-judgement are paramount to avoid unnecessary minefields. If both of you (and all involved) are committed to this M.O. then a possible pitfall is turned into an asset! Would you both agree?

    I do want to bring up another aspect of emotions in the lifestyle, if I may. Feel free to disagree, question, refine, or agree as you see fit.

    I think and feel emotions are usually neither right or wrong — they are just a key or speaker (or amped-up megaphone?) to the soul. A window to the heart. They are natural. They are beautifully perfect and imperfect human expressions. I think it is why the attentions of adults, when among a crowd of strangers or unfamiliar acquaintences, are often drawn to young, vibrant, playful children. Ever notice that? Some of us are enamoured by them, yes? Here’s my questions then…

    Is it wrong to suppress our own adult emotions with others, or ask our Lover(s)/Spouse to suppress them with others? Why or why not? I may have further questions too. Hahaha. (wink)

    Thanks John & Jackie. You guys are great!

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