Different Views About Sex And Unlearning Inhibitions

The journey of learning and unlearning beliefs and inhibitions when it comes to the swinger lifestyle.


  • Sahaja says:

    Enjoyed hearing about inhibitions couples harbor due to upbringing and restrictions on sexual freedom.prior to marriage. Some overcome and enjoy nonmonogamy and others do not. Good video John and Jackie.

  • Tim says:

    I have been watching your videos for last few months and having discussions with my wife about it. I really think most of your information applies to good marriages period…..I think swinging is not a bad thing but I will agree with this last video about beliefs and standards. it s perception in how you were raised.
    Keep up the conversations that you have I would love to hear more how she transition to the life style from a women perspective. There are lots of women who are interested in this but scared to speak and being open and in a relationship you can talk about stuff really eliminates quote cheating. I mean you can talk about it… and it makes you address issues in your relationship instead of avoiding them. Thanks for your videos and information its very good stuff…..no matter what we end up doing…..Love it….

  • Sahaja says:

    It is very true that upbringing has a dominant influence upon the couples’ attitude towards swinging. Many couples we are friends with are reluctant to swing with and swap mates for sexual activities. It does take time and proper circumstances for these inhibited couples to open up and try nonmonogamy which they actually enjoy. Once this happens, there is no turning back into strict monogamy. More couples than not actually want to hear about contrary views and actually do want to experience nonmonogamy where they are able to enjoy variety of sexual activities and varied partners for sexual fulfillment.

  • Rica says:

    I thank you for sharing. My husband and I are new to the lifestyle. He is a little more open to it as I am the hesitant one. He wants me to go full throttle sometimes, I tend to worry about what he would think and feel if I were with another man. It’s hard adjusting your mind around what you’ve known all these years.

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