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Common Swinger Lifestyle Questions

Some Things You'll Learn

How to get you and your partner into the lifestyle if you are brand new to swinging
How to have threesomes and moresomes
How to deal with "cheating" in the lifestyle
What are the rules and guidelines for the swinger lifestyle.

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Since we started in 2015, we have received hundreds of emails and comments from our readers. We have compiled our responses to your most burning questions from couples and singles searching for answers in the lifestyle swinger community. 

Some Things You’ll Learn:


Do you want more out of love, and your relationship? Do you have a desire to explore sex or love with multiple partners? Are you curious about the swinger, open or poly relationship models? Don’t know where to start? Are you struggling with jealousy or communicating with your partner? Would you like to talk about setting boundaries or how to meet other like minded couples?
You’ve come to the right place. John and I have over 35 years combined experience in consensual non monogamy and we would love to help you and your partner create the most profound relationship EVER!

Find open minded couples and singles online from the comfort of your home!

One of the most difficult parts of exploring the swinger lifestyle is finding and meeting like-minded people like you. Of course you can go to a lifestyle club, but then it means having to get dressed up (figuring out what to wear), scheduling the babysitter, coordinating with your partner, and more.

But thanks to modern technology, we don’t need to do all that. We use the Neon dating app because it’s one of the easiest, fastest, and most convenient ways to meet a lot of open minded couples and singles. Even if you’re not quite ready to jump in, you can still browse around and look at the people who are ready to meet you. Best of all, it’s FREE. Download now and check it out!

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Get Your FREE Newbie Lifestyle Club Guide

Going to a lifestyle club is one of the best ways to meet other like-minded people, but don’t make the mistakes that can turn a great night out into a complete DISASTER. We made this guide from our experience as owners and operators of colette lifestyle clubs to help you be as prepared as possible so that you can have an amazing time, whether you’ve never been to a lifestyle club before or are a seasoned pro. Get your FREE guide NOW!

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Going to a lifestyle club is one of the best ways to meet other like-minded people, but don’t make the mistakes that can turn a great night out into a complete DISASTER!