How Are You Feeling?

If you’re feeling great, share it with the right person and you’ll feel better.

If you’re NOT feeling great, share that too with the right person and you’ll feel better too!

That’s always been our philosophy.

When you have a supportive partner or network, sharing goods news with them will make you feel better thanks to their compersion – they will be happy for your happiness, which in turn makes you happy(ier)!

And the opposite is true too. If you’re NOT feeling great and have bad news, sharing it with a supportive (that’s the keyword) partner or network will make you feel better too because they’ll be empathetic and good at listening. It’s the “Share it. Don’t wear it.” concept of mental health.

As we’re going through these pandemic times, it can be easy to feel great and not feel great.

For us, it’s been difficult business-wise having to temporarily close our 4 colette lifestyle clubs and Bang Bang Social Club, furlough 60 employees, and do other tough but necessary things in our best effort to make it through this interim so that we are able to safely (and eagerly) open back up again, whereas they’ll be many unfortunately hard-struck businesses like restaurants that might not be as lucky.

Most of all, we dearly miss seeing our wonderful colette staff and our beloved members on a weekly basis because they are our heart and soul.

On the bright side, we’re healthy and at home spending more quality time together – especially in the bedroom! Jackie and I have also been exercising more, going on long walks, and enjoying dinner dates at home, which we definitely plan on continuing after this quarantine.

We are both so very grateful to have each other and be committed to making our relationship this way on a daily basis because it certainly doesn’t just happen by itself. Gotta water the plants!

But enough about us.

How are you feeling?

What has your experience been like?

CLICK HERE to take our pandemic survey because we’d love to know!

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