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Openlove101+ Book Club with Jackie Melfi

Jackie invites you to join her first ever Openlove101+ Book Club starting January 1st 2024!

The current book is:
Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships" 

written by Tristan Taormino

Join Jackie and other members of Openlove101+ as they deep dive into books regarding relationships, ethical non-monogamy, and more!

Join our private, growing community of like-minded singles and couples in open relationships

The journey towards open relationships is hard...

Jealousy. Fear. Anger. Doubt. Uncertainty of what's to come. Is my relationship going to get worse? Is he/she going to leave me? What if they find someone else? I'll never find someone who wants the same lifestyle that I want.

Singles and couples in traditional relationships battle these struggles every day, and it's magnified for those who are in open relationships.

This difficult terrain is all part of the lifestyle journey though.

Will it be easy?


Will it be worth it?



Because you will be creating relationships beyond your wildest dreams.

But you don't have to do it alone, even if you live somewhere on the planet where "no one understands" you.

Here at Openlove101, we're proud to serve a worldwide community of people through YouTube, our blog/website, Instagram, etc.

But we've never had a private community... until now!

Introducing Openlove101+

Welcome to our new private community for open-minded singles and couples who have the courage to explore this lifestyle ride with us.

We’ve created a place where it's safe to share and discuss intimate experiences, feelings, problems/challenges, and more.

We are building this on the premise of three simple things:

#1 - Private Community

Finally a place where you can connect and talk with other singles and couples in our Openlove101+ private community who are going through the same thing you are.

We take your privacy concerns seriously! In the Facebook Group, the option to remain anonymous is available for those who wish to ask questions they may have or interact with other members while keeping their identity safe. We always encourage everyone to be themselves and open about being in the lifestyle but we know it may be nerve wracking for many. Feel free to post as yourself or anonymous, you decide!

#2 - Direct Access and Support

We get dozens of questions daily via email and there's no way we can answer them all. So instead, our members only platform we'll be holding coffee time currently every Tuesday at 10am CST, where you can ask us anything and we'll answer questions live. Not only will this help you on your journey, but will also help others on theirs.

#3 - Exclusive Content

We write articles on our Openlove101 Blog and have a podcast on YouTube and other podcast platforms, all of which we make available for free; but if you take advantage of our members only, you will receive exclusive content unavailable to the general public.

This will happen during our coffee time talks, answers to your questions, and exclusive interviews and conversations with special guests.

Not to mention things like mini-workshops, book club discussions, and other ideas we have in mind. This is a new and evolving project, so we'll be listening to your feedback and talking about the things you want to talk about.

After all, we're building this members only platform because you and your success in consensual non monogamy (CNM) matters.

We want you to have the support of a community of like minded people who want to see you triumph in your journey. We want to be the voice we wished we’d had on our own path.

Join us by signing up to become a member of our Openlove101+ private community for $19.99/mo.

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We’ll happily refund you within 48-72 hours of your request, and we'll even part as friends :)

So click the red button and get started today!

We look forward to seeing you inside.

Live fully, love openly, and as always, be happy.

John & Jackie Melfi

P.S. We are launching our new Openlove101+, an open minded platform - a community of open-minded singles and couples around the world to privately, safely, and anonymously talk about their open relationships journey, get help and advice from us and other members, and connect with each other for just $19.99/mo and you can cancel anytime.

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