30 Signs Your Open Relationship Hit the Comfort Zone – Podcast Episode #13

We read an article on the top 30 signs of a relationship comfort zone [how you’ll know when you’re comfortable with your partner(s)] and we discuss what we think.

How many of these have you hit with your partner?

1. Not wearing make-up
2. Not locking the bathroom door
3. Wearing pajamas/lounge wear
4. Breaking wind in front of them
5. Not shaving your legs/face
6. Wearing your less attractive/non-matching underwear
7. Doing his/her laundry
8. Going to the toilet with the door open
9. Confiding in them over health concerns
10. Letting them look after you when you’re ill
11. You don’t mind crying in front of them
12. Taking calls/visits from their family
13. ‘Letting yourself go’ without worrying about it
14. Laughing when they take the mickey out of you
15. Letting them have house keys
16. Happy to have a conversation while naked
17. Knowing their views on marriage and kids
18. Telling them when they need a mint/deodorant
19. Shaving in front of them
20. Asking them to squeeze a spot/pluck a hair
21. Not fretting at the prospect of being in swimwear in front of them
22. Showering together
23. Going clothes shopping together
24. Making their lunch to take to work
25. Answering their phone
26. Leaving clothes at each other’s houses
27. Telling them your hang-ups
28. Finishing each other’s sentences
29. Calling them by a pet name
30. Talking about/knowing about ex-partners

You can read the original article here, but let us know how comfortable YOU get with your partner(s)!

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