My Ferocious Appetite For Sex

Ever since I was introduced to this life style, I have been a sponge. I am obsessed with reading as much literature as I can get my hands on regarding this thing labeled sex! I want to know:

  • why we have it
  • how our culture plays a roll in how we view it
  • whether or not it is a healthy component in life
  • why we are taught that the sexes view it differently (or not)
  • how religion has shaped society’s view of it
  • how we teach it
  • how we view ourselves when we have it
  • whether monogamy is the answer (or not)
  • whether we will ever be able to view it as an asset to our lives

What would happen if our view of sex was positive? What if sex was seen as beneficial to our well being? What if it was viewed as a powerful medicinal healer? What if it was viewed as a way to maintain peace and balance? What if sex was a way to create compersion amongst a population?

I have heard people say, “well if we brought sex to the forefront, then that is all people would be doing, they would just be having sex all the time.” I guess my question is, “and the problem with that would be?”

It is amazing to me that sex automatically gets lumped into something negative. Why?

Why is sex something “beautiful” and more accepted by the majority when shared within the realm of partnership, yet frowned upon when shared between many? Maybe it isn’t, but societal pressure reigns in our free will?! “Don’t step outside the norm or you will be punished!”

I would wager to say that most of us are taught that there is a level of perversion in regards to sex! It is sad to me that the people who are trying to view sex more openly and see it as a way to create unity have to be “open” in private!

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