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How Playing with Couples Have Changed in Our Open Marriage

By September 25, 2019 Swing Lifestyle Videos

You know what they say, “The only thing constant is change.”

And that includes playing with couples in our open marriage. How it started is not how it is today.

How we go about it. What we do while we’re playing. The things we think about. The things we do with our partner. What’s ok and what’s not.

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  • john says:

    I’m wondering about the “switching back” to your partner…. Doesn’t that risk offending the other couple you’re playing with? I can see that it might work if they needed it, too. Do you discuss it before you go to the play rooms?

    Another thing to try, particularly if the other couple has the same divided attention issue, is three on one’s. One person at a time is getting all the attention, the other three are working together to pleasure the one. The one person’s partner advises the other couple as to their partner’s likes and dislikes, like she doesn’t want fingers inside, only outside, etc….

    — J.S.

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