Polyamory, swapping partners, and going to swinger clubs!

Today we bring you another Q&A session with John and Jackie on all things open love. Tuning in, you’ll hear the answers to an array of burning questions from people living the open love lifestyle (or from those who are considering becoming a part of it). In this episode, we learn about why you don’t have to have an emotional partner to embrace open love, advice on how to overcome your reluctance to swap partners if you’re a newbie, and how you can get past jealousy issues if they arise. We also hear the story of a couple who wants to visit a swingers club but each with a different intention. To find out where you can find other women to swing with if you are a lesbian couple, the age of the oldest swingers John and Jackie have ever met, and their thoughts on the increase in open love lifestyle couples and moments in series and films, tune in today!

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