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Rules and Boundaries Part 4 of 5 – Podcast Episode #20

Ok now it’s play time, but do you do it separately or together with your partner?

What situations would you want to be in the same room playing together (or separately) or playing in different rooms separately altogether?

Here are some things to consider when making that decision!

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  • steven says:

    What John says is right on the money. When your partner is present it’s natural to make sure she’s ok. The reason i’m commenting is my best times have been in threesomes. When you get along with the couple it comes natural. It’s usually the husband giving the wife a present. Problem being that i don’t want to offend the husband and find it difficult to get a hard on. That’s when class steps in the husband excuses himself to get more drinks or something and then the wife and i get it on. He pauses at door pleasures himself as he watches. From then forward we both pleasure her every which way. And so my point is you’ve got to read the vibes. Thanks

  • Dwain/ProfessorT says:

    John & Jackie,

    These are some great points to take up when about to go solo, or you are already committed to go solo, or quickly after already going solo and need to immediately communicate what has happened. Why the three different encounters or phases? Because in some Open-Swinger relationships one or both of the partners/spouses may not be available to reach for an hour, or a day or multiple days. The variables to Open-Swinger relationships/marriages are pretty much endless.

    Hence, I sure wish this particular Podcast Episode #20 were much more longer than 6-minutes. Grrrrr. 😉

    Do you two possibly get into these situations, parameters, conditions, etc, in a lot more depth somewhere else on your blog or website? I went through all of your YouTube videos and couldn’t find it; may have missed it. Sorry, If do somewhere, then I would LOVE to read it, watch it, or listen to it. If not, perhaps a future blog-post, video, or podcast on the “playing separate/alone” and how to lovingly communicate Do’s & Don’ts? Yes? Maybe?

    I ask this because I’ve been playing with a married couple who have only recently (Aug 2019) started their new adventure in the Open-Swinger and the SSC BDSM (her) Lifestyles and they have both agreed (at the start) they will not share specific intimate details of their separate playdates, but only logistical details: ETA, return time, where, for approx. how long, etc. However, none of the steamy, hot, juicy details like she and I both enjoy immensely. This is quite peculiar for me because I’ve always practiced WIDE OPEN, PROACTIVE, raw honest communication, especially if she enjoys it equally as I do. My slight issue with their arrangement are the unforeseen, unintentional(?) minefields they COULD setup for themselves. Help?

    Thanks in advance. You two are so fantastic for our Lifestyles! Keep up the marvelous work and education!

    Dwain (aka Professor Taboo)

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