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Being Social Inside a Swingers Club

By October 13, 2020 October 16th, 2020 Swing Lifestyle Videos

Do you get nervous going to a swingers club? Do you feel anxiety about being around other couples? Going to a swingers club doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead, it can be a fun and very social environment to hang out with you partner or even as a single. Here’s a glimpse of the social aspect of our experience when we were spending a little time just talking with people.


  • John says:

    Well of course there’s always a little — or maybe more than a little — anxiety and nervousness the first time you try something new. It could be a swingers club, a skydiving club, a piano competition — you just have to take responsibility for your own comfort, expand your limits, but not by too much.

    Even after 25 years, I still have a little tiny anticipatory anxiety before a swing party. Absolutely no way am I ever going sky diving, even though my wife did it when she was in high school.

    — J.S.

  • Toys says:

    What are some of the ways one could integrate these clubs?
    What are some of the safest ways to go out and swing?
    Thank you

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