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Swinging Relationships And Emotional Benefits

By November 1, 2016 August 14th, 2017 Swing Lifestyle Videos

A swinging relationship can be very physically fulfilling, but there are also emotional benefits. Watch John & Jackie discuss how your relationship can grow emotional from swinging.

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  • Geezz, once again John & Jackie… OUTSTANDING STUFF!!! You two are so positive and awesome! Thank you!

  • Lynn says:

    You guys always seem so happy and perfect together, but do you ever argue or fight about things? The impression you give in all your videos, is that everything is so open and honest, it seems impossible to imagine anything rising to the level of an argument/fight.

    Along those same lines, if you have ever argued/fought, has it ever been because of one of you being “too interested” in another person?

    …or would you say, if you have arguments, that they are more along traditional lines about not agreeing on where to go eat, or finances, or other typical things aside from swinger specific things?

    As always, a great video.

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