Coming Out and Dealing with the Fear of Being Judged

You’re into what?!?

You know what you’re doing is wrong, RIGHT?

Yes, that could be one of the knee jerk responses you could face if you come out as being in open relationships.

Thus, it’s understandable if it’s scary to not tell anyone about your lifestyle preference.

Today, John and Jackie talk about their rather different stories on how each of them came out and the consequences of what happened next.

1 thought on “Coming Out and Dealing with the Fear of Being Judged”

  1. Thank you for everything you do and … for everything you two are! You give me renewed faith in humankind. Passion is something I’m passionate about. That and Politics. No, they don’t go together. So talking openly with anyone is all that much harder for me. But it’s hard for anyone in today’s knee-jerk snap judgemental world. But you are heroes. You are both doing it every day in every way. I really want you to know how much I respect the past seven years and everything you have had to go through to get to where you are. It is so inspiring and so fabulous. I envy you. I hope I can find someone who is open – to being open.

    You see, I lost my significant other two years ago, after 37 years. He died of CoronaVirus and Fentanyl withdrawal. He had a rare form of arthritis and was put on Fentanyl in 2001. In 2017 the CDC made him quit. But we had a great life together. After our first ten years together we decided to try an open lifestyle. It was 1991. Things were very different and well, pretty – nasty! No manners, no etiquette, and decidedly no rules. Thank you for “cleaning all that up.”

    I can’t wait to be involved in the open lifestyle soon. But alas, I must recover from CoronaVirus. I’ve had it for 22 months. Some of us have all the luck… but you guys deserve the “bestest” of luck.

    An Admirer,

    PS 😎 Be good to yourself, else, who will?

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