Intense emotions, lower sex drive and swinging relationships

Q&A today with our guests J and Angie from Average Swingers as they chime in and help us answer lots of lovely questions:

Question #1 – I was wondering if you had advice to smooth out the intense emotions. Joy, Passion, Desire, Guilt, Exhilaration, Jealousy, ecstasy and Doubt all seem to come in such concentrated doses with our new adventures. The highs after meeting and playing leave us on cloud nine, but with most things in human nature: High, highs are followed with some lows as well. Thank you for sharing.

Question #2 – My girlfriend and I are interested in finding out if being in the lifestyle could actually help our physical relationship. We are both deeply in love and have never experienced the lifestyle together or alone. My girlfriend had a procedure several years ago that resulted in her having a lower sex drive and difficulty in sexual interactions. I have brought up the idea of swinging and she expressed interest as well but has concerns that it may backfire if her emotions get in the way. She wants to try to see if it could bring back the intimacy in our relationship and boost her sexuality. Could giving the lifestyle a try be helpful or harmful for our relationship?

Question #3 – Do you have any inside jokes with your swinger friends that “normal people” just wouldn’t get?

Question #4 – What are your thoughts on connecting with people you swing with? I (32 Female) and my husband swing in private so the lifestyle is separated from our everyday life. We swing together and separate but for us it is just for fun. At some points I am talking to 5 people at one time via text to get to know them before setting something up but other than that I do not get too invested. I find this works out for us because this limits feelings getting in the way, if they change their mind I am not upset, etc. But I have been told by others you have to have some kind of investment when swinging or else it is time wasted. I do not understand why people are going the extra mile to get invested in someone, make a connection, and then get their feelings hurt when it’s over or doesn’t work out. What are your thoughts?

Question #5 – I am wanting to go to the club with my wife but she is nervous because she is 6 months pregnant. She is concerned that people will judge her for coming to the club regardless if she actually participates or not. What are your thoughts?

Question #6 – My partner and I go to clubs, meet and greets and occasionally resorts in the lifestyle, but we really do large events such as take-overs, cruises, Naughty N’awlins, etc. I have heard even some of the popular podcasters in the lifestyle talk about how they do not enjoy big events because there are too many activities and things happen quickly during them. What are some tips for large events as a first timer?

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