Welcoming In A New Decade: 20 Intentions For Year 2020

As we say goodbye to another decade, it’s hard for me to believe we are ready to say hello to 2020. I mean when the hell did this happen? Wasn’t the year 2000 just a few years ago? Blows my mind we are already 20 years deep into this new 21st century.

As we stand at the precipice of a new decade, many of us will be asking ourselves what we plan to do about it? I mean it’s one thing to have our yearly, “New Year, New You” resolutions, but does welcoming in the year 2020 change our vision? Will we be more determined than ever to start the decade off right? Maybe a 20 for ‘20 list of intentions is one way we can jump start ourselves into maybe holding true to our 1st day of the year expectations.

I’ll go first:

  1. Practice Gratitude Daily. Even acknowledging just one gracious moment a day will put me on the path towards a more loving existence.
  2. Stay Active. Whether I’m walking, running, hiking, or yes, even having sex, keeping my heart and body happy through exercise will help keep me happy as well.
  3. Be Excited. Exchange fear for a feeling of excitement.
  4. Stay In Touch With Friends.
  5. Make New Friends. (Have you checked out the brand new dating app John and I created for this?
  6. Smile. Keep those facial muscles active.
  7. Make My Bed Every Day. I already do this…but it’s important.
  8. Be Flexible. Don’t be so rigid that you forget to have fun with spur of the moment events.
  9. Feed My Body Wholesome Foods. So much of our health is centered around what we eat. Yes, we are all going to die one day, I just don’t want my death to be my fault.
  10. Go On Dates With John. Those oh so simple dinner and a movie dates.
  11. Save. I’m getting older and I want to make sure I have a nice nest egg for the future.
  12. Continue To Say Yes. Enjoy all that life has to offer.
  13. Try New Things. “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”
  14. Work Hard…Play Hard. Life is all about balance.
  15. Spend Time With Family.
  16. Go On An Awesome Vacation.
  17. Be Proud Of What I’ve Accomplished. It’s okay to pat ourselves on the back every once in a while.
  18. Be Empathetic. You never really know what someone has been through.
  19. Embrace Diversity. Oh how boring the world would be if we were all the same.
  20. Continue To Use The Phrase, “I Love You!”

Wow, that felt incredibly invigorating! All those positive neurons firing have me feeling good about the direction I have placed myself for the coming year. I am excited for what this new decade has in store and I know that with the love and support from you, Openlove101 will continue to be a beacon for those searching for a safe place to come ashore. John and I wish you the happiest of New Years…We love you!

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