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Open Relationships and the Loss of Freedom

By April 11, 2017 August 14th, 2017 Swing Lifestyle Videos

Single = Freedom
Relationship = Constraint

Do you agree?

That’s what we’re having a conversation about today!

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  • Chris says:

    I understand that you 2 are in an open relationship. We’re not, is it possible to still make the swinging lifestyle work, without having an open relationship? This is something we do together, we’re not looking to have relationships with others so much. We want to fulfill fantasies and have variety.

    • Jackie Melfi says:

      Hello Chris,

      The thing is, John and I consider ourselves swingers as well. So even though John and I have agreed to see others separately, we still share with each other the experience. Whether we text each other while on our respective dates, or talk about the experience afterwards, the involvement of each other is paramount. Actually, when it comes to labels, our relationship encompasses many different definitions. This is what makes a consensual non-monogamous lifestyle so varied and wonderful! The partnership can be whatever you and your spouse decide.


  • Crystal says:

    Really enjoyed this… for all aspects of a relationship
    Thanks you two!❤️

  • Do I agree? Not at all. And I will be forthright (blunt?) in my explanation and yet hopefully respectful and fair too…

    That above equation or mindset/mentality is reflective of a Starvation vs. Abundance Economy that in my personal opinion — and dare I say most of the scientific community around the world — cannot be based in Natural reality. Aside from John’s accurate point that all human virtues, including love, are NOT finite, this is also supported by Nature and this Earth’s abundant sustenance, as long as we are caring and responsible for its conservation of course! This honestly applies to our human relationships as well! The misnomer in it is that we exist in a Starvation Economy of love and relationships which simply is not the case on SO MANY levels. Yours and John’s analogy of slavery is excellent. Propriety (contracts?) exists only in specific areas of life. Its only place in human relationships is if ‘submission‘ is earned and given (consentually) by sane choice. I do see this “choice” made on many occasions, both on relative healthy terms AND unhealthy terms (pseudo-prison?), as John alluded to.

    As long as the Starvation Economy is constantly taught and gullibly embraced, there will be erroneous unsupported equations like Single = Freedom or Unmarried = Flawed or Relationship = Constraint or Marriage = Constraint.

    Another great blog-video and subject you guys! Bravo!

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