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Rules & Boundaries in Swinger Relationships – Part 3

By October 31, 2017 November 1st, 2017 Swing Lifestyle Videos

This is the continuation on our series for rules and boundaries in swinger relationships. If you missed the first videos, here are the links to Part 1 and then Part 2. In today’s Part 3, we’re going to talk about what TYPE of play you’re look for.

Do you want to just watch? Be watched? Threesome? Foursome? Moresome?

Discover the different variations of play and boundaries to establish before getting into the heat of the moment.

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  • Lynn Moorhead says:

    This has been a great series: Very informative, and entertaining.

    Keep up the great work.

    Lynn M.

  • I too am enjoying this series and will definitely be looking forward to Part 4! Both of you are doing a great job! Your little clips at the end — where John is pointing his “finger” all over the place in particular directions! hahaha — are hilarious! The previous one Jackie, where you HAD to just cover John’s mouth & make him STOP talking was so perfect and appropriate! (j/k John! – wink)

    John, as I have listened to you and Jackie wonderfully help guide “Newbies” or “Novices” through the initial phases of our lifestyle, either at a club or private house-party, even with just themselves, I was wondering… when you two are at one of your three clubs, do you and Jackie play there as well or pretty much manage/run the club or party, but not play? Was curious and why or why not. Thanks!

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