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Swinging Lifestyle Highs and Lows

By May 29, 2018 May 31st, 2018 Swing Lifestyle Articles

We have a reader today who noticed their high highs and low lows in the lifestyle. They emailed in to us:

I was wondering if you have any advice to smooth out the intense emotions. Joy, passion, desire, guilt, exhilaration, jealousy, ecstasy, and doubt all seem to come in such concentrated doses with our new adventures. The highs after meeting and playing leave us on could nine. But with most things in human nature, high highs come with some lows as well.

Have you experienced something similar? So how do you deal with that? Watch John & Jackie explore this topic!

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  • david says:

    want to know more about the lifes style , not sure its for us but would like to know more

  • Marvin Allen says:

    Hello David,
    If you love, respect, trust, and enjoy your spouse and yet yearn for a little extra spice, excitement, erotic passion, and adventure, then the lifestyle might be for you. To get all the delicious benefits from sharing a mate, however, you must be able to handle the occasional jealous pangs that might crop up from time to time. By respectfully talking these difficult feelings over with your loved one, you’re dealing with the issue in a healthy way, without shame or blame accruing to either party. I suggest you ease into this fascinating way of life a little at a time, getting your toes wet and seeing if the fun and pleasure outweigh the difficult emotions and thoughts. In many cases, you may find that participating in the lifestyle can push you into growing emotionally and psychologically as it demands a certain level of sexual maturity, sophistication, and deeper understanding of what loving another person really means. Hope this helps,

    Marvin Allen, M.A. Retired licensed psychotherapist

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