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When Swinging Doesn’t Go As Planned

By September 25, 2018 September 30th, 2018 Swing Lifestyle Videos

So what do you do when you’re playing with another couple and it doesn’t go as planned for the guy in the body part department? And it’s hard to get things going. Or not hard…

You know what I mean? Or was that vague and confusing?

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  • Terry says:

    What tricks are out there for the guy to stop from cumming to fast? Rather from oral or regular intercourse

  • Cindy says:

    This was a fantastic video. Just had a recent experience to that effect and I did think it was me. Thanks for sharing.

  • John says:

    I actually prefer always to start by going down on a woman. I like exploring the variety of shapes and textures, and it gives me some time to get it up. (Also, I don’t have to think of anything to say then…. ;-)) I keep my fingernails short short and filed smooth, so I can continue by hand if it takes so long that my mouth gets tired.

    One thing I’d like the girls to know is that once we get it up, it stays up for a limited time. How limited? That varies a lot depending on how tired we are, and how old (I’m 70), and a few other things. For me, 20 – 30 minutes is pretty good, and it could be as little as 5 – 7 minutes. The takeaway for those of you who like to grab it and play with it is, wait until you want it up, so we don’t run out of time.

    Thanks —

    — J.S.

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