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The Truth About Marriage

We all know the statistics: marriage rates are down, divorce rates are up, and over time people become more dissatisfied in their relationships. The appetite for advice is insatiable, resulting in magazine covers touting tip-after-tip from experts on how to find the perfect mate, how to tell if it’s going south, and how to fix the one that’s broken. Never in history have we expected so much from romantic partners and experienced such little happiness.

Roger Nygard attended countless weddings and found himself asking: Why do people keep getting married when fifty percent break up? What makes them think they will beat the odds? And if they do, what exactly are the secrets to making it work?

Nygard tracked down the experts — and some other extraordinary folks — to solve the mystery of happy relationships. Along the way he discovered scientific facts about how we truly find each other to begin with, what we can do to increase the chances of finding our soulmate, and how most of what we call fate is anything but.

In today’s YouTube video, we interview Roger Nygard on his new documentary. If you’d like to listen on the audio only, the episode is also available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.

You can watch the movie trailer below.

To watch the full length documentary, check it out now on iTunes and Apple TV, on Amazon DVD or Blu-ray, and Roger also has the companion book on Amazon as well.


  • Tim says:

    My wife is so good, why in the world wouldn’t I share her with other guys and gals. She loves being shared

  • Tavia Hershberger says:

    I need some advice. We have been bay stepping into the lifestyle and it seems like it could be great. My partner ( Male half) is constantly online SLS looking for someone or having me put up hot dates. I’m (female half) reluctantly does it. I want to do it because I am turned on by turning my partner on I dont focus on who we are with for my enjoyment. My partner doesnt understand that. He is always wanting me to comment on what I liked about the person(when we are with other men) but it’s hard for me to say because to me nothing anyone else does is gonna be as good to me as his touch. How can I separate emotions to focus on the other person? And it’s also hard for me to do this when he treats the other woman that he wants us to be with better than he does me. Flirts with them, compliments them, is a shoulder to cry on for them, will want to go do things outside of the house when he and I do nothing like that when it’s just the two of us. He doesnt expect the men to take me out to have fun before hand ,just meet up and do it. But he caters to and makes the girls feel good about their selves even buys them gifts but doesnt expect the same for me. Am I wrong for feeling like I’m just being used to fulfill his fantasies? I believe we could enjoy this lifestyle but need advice on what both of us needs to work on. Maybe hearing something from yall he will see why I feel the way I do. Please help.

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