What Are The Benefits To Moresomes Anyway?!

One of the great things about being in the swinging lifestyle, are the options a couple (or single, for that matter) have when deciding how they want to “play!” (In fact, last week we talked about the Swingers Lifestyle and Benefits of Playing Together.) Unlike a traditional monogamous couple (and no, there is nothing wrong, or bad about deciding to be in a traditional monogamous relationship) in which the couple decides at the onset of their union they will be sexually monogamous, a swinging couple decides on sexual non-monogamy. This difference supplies the swinging couple with some interesting options when it comes to the bedroom. The main option is having the opportunity to have various play partners in which to engage sexually.

So, what are some of the benefits to moresomes? Some of you, I’m sure by now are saying, “moresomes? What the heck is she talking about?” I came up with this term because, well because it’s just easier to type than always having to say threesomes, foursomes, etc…. it’s my new fangled term for plural playing! Okay, back to the benefits of playing with others.

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that throwing a third or fourth person (a “moresome”) into play time can provide options that just aren’t available when only two are playing.

1. I have the opportunity to watch my partner at play.

Yay! This is one of my very favorites! I get to sit back and watch John have sex. Even though John and I have a very healthy, active sex life with each other and I am super grateful for this, being able to see him in action, takes our sex life to a whole other level. Watching his body move and sway in unison with someone else is incredibly erotic.

2. There are simply more body parts to work with.

Moresomes, multiply…everything! Now you can try that DP you’ve been fantasizing about! Or maybe everyone can connect, kind of like the links in a chain…everyone all intertwined. Maybe a big group kissing session sounds enticing. The point is, the more the merrier!

3. Variety of Positions.

This follows the more body parts theme. The whole “more the merrier” get together. You can try 69 x 2 or the human pretzel! Or better yet, maybe everyone gets to take turns being the center of attention!

4. Class is now in session.

With moresomes, we have the opportunity to learn or teach, depending on what is going on. I remember one time, when John and I were in a moresome and some fisting took place, the other couple had never seen it done before, we ended up showing them how to do it. I also remember having the chance to learn some different blowjob techniques from a moresome partner.

5. Great Pillow Talk

After the sex is done, it’s a great time to ask your new play partners what their names are…lol! But seriously, some of our favorite moments are when everyone has orgasmed and we are all flush with a rush of endorphins. This is the time when everyone is relaxed and loving, when the whole atmosphere is peaceful and centered. A beautiful bonding experience, in which walls come down and partners can share.

So if you haven’t tried a “moresome” yet, or have always wondered what some of the perks were to opening up your bedroom to a third, fourth, or even more play partners, I hope this list will help open the door to some of your best swinging experiences yet!

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