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Women: The Powerhouse Behind Swinging

By August 8, 2017 August 25th, 2017 Swing Lifestyle Articles

One of the biggest misconceptions from those outside the swinging arena is that women are forced into the lifestyle by their husbands or partners. This ideal that women are conceding to swinging in some feeble attempt to either keep their marriage together, or the feminists’ belief  that they’re the epitome of submissiveness, simply isn’t true.

Granted, one spouse might bring up the subject of swinging, but maintaining an active role in the swinging lifestyle is definitely a consensual agreement between both partners. Would I have ever given swinging a try had John not already been involved? Probably not, as I never even knew there was such a thing. Am I glad I gave swinging a try? Absolutely! I have learned so much about myself and my sexuality that I had never been exposed to before.

I began to understand the benefits this open relationship concept brought to my marriage and how loving from a compersion base actually created an even deeper level of love for myself and my partner. Most importantly, I learned about me, what I bring to the table and how swinging actually benefitted me as a woman.

What are some of the benefits for us women?

Confidence: According to non-swingers, confidence would be the last way they would ever describe what happens when a woman becomes involved in the swinging lifestyle. However, it has been my experience (as well as the experience of thousands of other women) that opening up a relationship to incorporate swinging can do wonders for a woman’s confidence.

Think about it, not only will a woman have the affirmation, love, attention and affection from her husband, but she’ll also receive some of these same benefits from others, both men and women. Now I’m not saying a woman’s confidence is based on outside confirmation, but I do know that when I feel confident about a decision and this confidence is affirmed by my partner, I come away feeling even more vested in my choice.

It doesn’t take much to think back to the beginning of our own relationships and recall those pangs of excitement and self-confidence on those first few dates when we were paid all kinds of attention to how we looked, during those all night conversations and those new adventurous experiences with our partner. Have the image in your mind?

Now, imagine having the opportunity to experience those same “pangs of excitement,” those moments when we meet someone, that wonder in experiencing something new and different. Having the opportunity in swinging to experience this newness isn’t because you don’t love or take comfort in the steadfast love you have with your partner, it’s because you do! In swinging, you’re actually encouraged to participate in cultivating new intimacies with whomever draws your attention.

By doing so, you’ll be reminded of how wonderful you are, how wonderful your partner is and how compersion (happiness in our partner’s sexual happiness) can bring about a much deeper union. I remember well that first night I experienced being in an intimate situation with John and another man. The attention draped on me was empowering. I FELT my potential in those moments. Suddenly I was proud of myself and my capacity for owning all the decisions in my life!

Acceptance: Women in the swinging world are all about building each other up. If you walk into a swingers club in that sexy outfit, you’re not going to be critiqued or be the recipient of any “shaming.” Instead, you’ll have women asking you where you purchased that amazing outfit! You’ll be exposed to open arms and love. This was one of my favorite revelations upon becoming involved in the swinging lifestyle.

Another memory I have when being introduced to the swinging lifestyle is the first time I visited a swingers club. I was excited yet nervous. I knew the first thing I needed to do was go shopping. My closet at the time was full of business attire and uber casual wear, not sexy outfits. So, even though I’m never one to turn down a shopping excursion, I realized not long after arriving at my local department store that finding a “sexy” outfit had me somewhat intimidated.

I vacillated between thinking I was too old to be sexy to being convinced that if I walked into the club in something too revealing that I would be the subject of criticism by others. Unfortunately, women are very quick to criticize other women because we’re taught or we think that women are the enemy.  You can imagine my sheer joy and relief when I was completely accepted. Yes, these other women loved my outfit, shoes and handbag, but more importantly, they made me feel special, accepted and beautiful!

Sexuality: This for me was the clincher in embracing the swinging lifestyle. Having grown up being taught that a man’s sexual appetite and need for release was paramount, you can imagine my awe when I was accepted as a sexual being with just as many needs and wants and releases as my partner. I wasn’t a woman with “male tendencies” because I enjoyed sex but a healthy, natural, normal woman. No longer did I have to carry around all the shame and guilt of being sexual.

As a matter of fact, in the swinging world, I was encouraged to find out who I was and what I wanted from a sexual standpoint. It was okay for me to experiment. It was okay if I said I liked porn or that I found it arousing to watch my husband make out with another woman. I was encouraged to leave any embarrassment at the door. Sex wasn’t just intercourse anymore, it was about calling on all my senses: touching, tasting, smelling, looking and hearing what was happening to myself when I was making love as well as turning off that portion of my brain that wanted me to feel “bad” about what I was doing.

All those years I was taught that because I was a woman I had to live my sexual life by a different set of rules that enslaved me to a code of conduct: Have sex, just not too much, don’t enjoy sex too much or you’ll look like a whore, but don’t be a prude, don’t have sex before marriage, definitely don’t get pregnant, make sure your husband’s wants and needs are fulfilled…

The list goes on and on. This list for me is beginning to fade. All those “standards” I felt as though I had to uphold are being stripped away thanks to swinging. I no longer feel a responsibility to sex, instead, I embrace those “vacation” moments I have with my partner or another play partner—those occasions when I can put away the toil of the day and be primal, when I grant myself permission to be me.

I hope those women who are out there sitting on the fence struggling with being honest with themselves about how they feel sexually, those women who so desperately want to say YES to who they are sexually, will find comfort in what I’ve learned. I hope those woman whose partners have brought up the topic of swinging will take the time to look into this viable relationship model. If you’re anything like me, you’ll enter swinging with a little trepidation, but you’ll come out the other side stronger, more self assured, confident and more vested in the power of you!

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  • maryann says:

    so much you say is true i have been trying to get my husband to become a swinger with me right now i am a cheater i am having great and frequent sex with other men on friday nights i say going out to drink with the girls true going out to drink but not with the girls my girlfriend and i go to hotel bars after work i try to pick up black guys only but not exclusively we usually go to guys hotel room and have great sex i would like to include husband i just bought your book swingers lifestyle hope it helps

    • Mike says:

      I enjoy reading your story. My partners happiness and fulfilment makes me feel complete. It would be nice to have a partner to swing with. I believe in a girls night out. Sometimes I want to relax and stay in on a Saturday night. It would bring me happiness knowing my wife or girlfriend is going to bed with other men. I want a relationship with a woman that sleeps around if it makes her happy.

  • Cindy says:

    This was a really great read. Being new to swinging and reading this article has made me more comfortable in my sexuality and sensuality which was being repressed in past relationships. Thanks for the affirmation!

  • Another great, encouraging post Jackie that more and more women — especially with similar backgrounds as yourself — NEED to read/hear. And by the way, this not only raises those three benefits you mentioned and more, but also brings respect and awareness to higher levels for men to treat MORE women as their equals, not just their partner/spouse! Hah! Here’s a novel concept… maybe/probably a tier or two higher than themselves. (wink)

  • Steve says:

    The article makes good points but there are others, perhaps not so good. The first is that women typically don’t marry the hottest guys – instead they marry the best providers. Swinging allows her to temporarily trade up for sexual pleasure. Of course, in a couples swap scenario the other woman may be left wanting. Secondly, swinging allows women to explore their bisexuality. This so common in swinging and often becomes the focus of the women.

    • Jackie Melfi says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks so much for your input. I’m not really sure I follow the line of thinking though, in regards to the “hot” guy comment. I mean, I think John is hot AND he also happens to be a very hard worker (we both are) providing a comfortable life. Swinging as a general rule provides enhancement to the marriage, not a replacement of some deficit within the relationship. I know for me, I absolutely love and adore John in all capacities…I have never looked at our open relationship as a trading “up” for sex. In regards to exploring same gender sexuality, I do agree that swinging will bring this option to the surface. Because swinging allows for a much more open view of sex and our relationship to others through sex, investigating ones own sexuality through swinging provides a safe environment for this to take place. I think it is always important to remember that swingers are just society, and all of those involved in the swinging/open lifestyle will come to their own conclusions as to what they want to pull from the experience. Some will have the best of intentions and others may not. But regardless of what others decide to do, what matters is the relationship I have with MY partner and what we gain by being a part of this lifestyle. Thanks again for such thought provoking points. Jackie

  • Dovey and B says:

    Question: Can a woman and her male partner in their 60’s, both of whom are overweight, can find acceptance or is swinging only for thinner folks?

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