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Societal Benefits of Swinging

By August 14, 2017 August 25th, 2017 Swing Lifestyle Videos

We believe swinging is great for our personal lives and our relationships, but how does it fit in the context of society?

Join us in the discussion on how swinging benefits our society!

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  • You two are so refreshing and so funny to watch together! Yet, you both provide such meaningful, impactful tips and guidance to kick-start a person’s journey into swinging and forms of polyamory. Bravo!

    Regarding the societal benefits of the open-lifestyle, I have read recently and watched a documentary last week about socially constructed ignorance and its frequent cognitive flaws. This touches on or expands a little on what John was emphasizing about diversity! Please bear with me a minute… (wink)

    On a biological-cytological level, diversity not only strengthens survivability of an organism and its genre/species against disease, that includes predacious attacks, but it also greatly enhances adaptation, learning, better understanding which leads to forms of improved social-bonds (compersion!)… when compared to organisms and species who remain monistically or dyadically set, rigid, or stagnate. Eventually, other predacious organisms, cells, molecules LEARN to either invade and/or become immune to antiquated defenses.

    Because we are all unequivocally a part of this Earth’s Natural systems — including social-sexual prowess and curiosity — highly diverse relations, paradigms, and opportunities can do WONDERS for our enthusiasm (immune system?) for life and for others! Socially and self-imposed fear and ignorance (for the sake of predictable routine) could have the OPPOSITE effect psychologically and could have ripple-effects on other human systems, individually and socially! And typically, in my years of experience in the Psych/A&D field, those “fears” are essentially based in ignorance of interrelational management, i.e. learning the ropes of acute articulation (language) and communication of self and others. The fear may simply be an unfounded, unexplored distrust that others (your SO/spouse) cannot behave in dignifying, respectful open ways when quite the opposite may be true.

    Hope I’ve made some sense John & Jackie. Hahaha. Warmest wishes to you both.

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