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The Best Antidote for Fear in Your Relationship (It’s Not What You Think)

By January 28, 2020 February 14th, 2020 Swing Lifestyle Videos

Fear is inevitable and something we must feel as a human, but that doesn’t mean we can’t approach it in a way that helps us work through it. Today in our newest YouTube video, we talk about the best antidote for fear in your relationship and what you can do about it!


  • John says:

    Fear fades over the long term. After two decades, we don’t even think about it any more. We can play separate rooms or same room, as the other couple prefers. One couple we play with, she likes to watch him with my wife, through the door, just open about an inch. She knows that’s kinda unusual, so she likes it if I stand there with her, with her hand on my hard on. If someone has some fear about something, it’s good to let them know it’s OK.

    — J.S.

    • Khan says:

      wonderful Jackie and john
      Open relationship is such a wonderful experience
      Now i am in canada
      Now looking for threesom relationship again
      Not less thsn 30
      I think your site will not only hepls me but hepls others
      Keep it up

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