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Freedom and the Swingers Lifestyle

By October 10, 2017 October 19th, 2017 Swing Lifestyle Videos

Despite the challenges our country faces on a daily basis, we are grateful for the freedom we have for the swinger lifestyle, especially compared to some of the oppression that other swingers have to face in other parts of the world. Today’s video was inspired by a wonderful couple we met who shared a little bit of their story and what they have to deal with (that we don’t in America) regarding their relationship and lifestyle choices.

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One Comment

  • You two have touched on, made apparent how much we as Americans have come along in individual and couple’s freedoms in pockets of Puritan society, and it is all good, all absolutely rewarding for human beings, couples, etc, to freely express themselves — ironically a Constitutional Right! — on biological, endocrinological, psychological, and interrelational leves and degrees, BUT…

    as Americans we DO have much further to go, more battles to fight, more gained ground to protect, especially in our current political climate! There are groups — I have personal battle scars myself against them — here in the U.S. that want to shut down a Constitutional way of life and turn our nation into a theocracy; something our Constitution explicitly protects AGAINST! So, even though progress has been made we must still fight to NOT LOSE those hard fought advances and keep moving forward for a greater good for a greater number! Hahahahaha, I feel like I should have a marching band playing the “Stars and Stripes” with fireworks and graffiti flying everywhere and a campaign slogan!

    Anyway, yes… we do have many wonderful freedoms here in the U.S. as opposed to other hyper-religious states and theocracies. However, we must stay vigilant that those types of ‘power moves and tactic’ don’t threaten or exterminate what has been gained. (wink and smile)

    Another excellent blog-video you two! BRAVO!!!

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