Open Relationship Advice: How To Handle Fear & Jealousy

We received a wonderful question from a couple that we will be discussing today in our video!

My beautiful wife and I just recently entered into the lifestyle and have been in it for about four months now. We’ve had fantasies for years, but finally took the leap. We’ve only soft swapped twice and both times have been great.

At first, I was the one who was pushing us into the lifestyle. As of recently though, my wife has taken the reins and it’s taking us to new heights.

As her husband, it was fantastic to watch my wife transition into this sexy deviant, but at the same time, I feel internally terrified.

I’ve been the one saying let’s take our time as there’s no need to rush, while she is eager to move forward.

Here I am in the moment of my dreams; something I’ve dreamt about forever… And I have this fear of jealousy and the question of what ifs. I’ve been having emotions I don’t want or need, but have been working through them internally.

My question for you – do you have any advice or techniques to help alleviate self-doubt and stress? Also, is it common for the wife to take the leadership role in the lifestyle?

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