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Different Types of Open Relationships

By November 27, 2018 January 6th, 2019 Swing Lifestyle Videos

What type of swinger are you? Do any of these sound like you? Do you identify with more than one? It’s also important to be aware of the different types of swingers and their preferences when you meet them so that you know if they’re someone you’d like to get to know better. Watch today’s video to learn about your menu of options!

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    The most beautiful, – heads on straight – couple I’ve ever seen ! Wish I could spent some time with them !

    • The Czech says:

      Michael, we been doing three some mmf for over a year now. That couple was right on point. We have three friends who we date regularly. We got to now each first to se if they were right for us.

  • John says:

    One way to classify swingers is by venue. I think there are three groups, and some overlap:

    1. Club/Resort/Cruise Ship Swingers: There’s a large group to select from, and they move quickly from the social to the sexual — or not at all.

    2. Web Site Swingers: An even larger group to select from, but they can take their time, and can meet up cautiously just as two couples.

    3. House Party Swingers: Smaller groups, one or two dozen couples, and the core group stays together for years, even decades. That’s what my wife and I are. There are some new people, and some who leave, but the core is substantial.

    There’s another scale based on how involved you are with what your partner does with others. It correlates to some extent with experience:

    1. Soft Swap: Same room, no actual sex

    2. Full Swap: Man A plays with woman B if and only if Woman A plays with man B. My wife hates that. She hates feeling pressured to do something so I can have fun. (This progresses from same to different rooms)

    3. “Hall Pass” — one time permission to play as if you were single.

    4. “Free Agent” — basically permanent hall passes. That’s where we’ve been for at least ten years.

    — J.S.

  • K/P says:

    We recently discovered one of our doctors is in the lifestyle; viewed each other at lifestyle sites. We’ve never mentioned it to each other. When/If should you ever alert your medical professional you’re not monogamous? We are regularly STD tested on our own. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • Jackie Melfi says:

      Great question! When John and I moved from one state to another, it meant finding a new doctor. When we finally located one we both liked, being transparent about our lifestyle was important. We wanted to be able to discuss all aspects of our health with a trusted physician. Whether or not you reveal the deeply personal choice of consensual non monogamy to your doctor is for you to decide.

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