Openlove101 Celebrates 9 Years

Openlove101 Celebrates 9 Years!

By: Jackie Melfi

Deepak Chopra once said, “longevity is not an achievement; it is a privilege.” 


When I think of Openlove101 and the past 9 years I think of privilege. I think about how honored John and I are to be part of such a powerful movement. How, along with our wonderful staff we’ve been able to create a safe place for people to explore sides of themselves they never knew existed. I think about all the friends we’ve met and made along the way. How we’ve become part of an ever growing community of couples and singles who, like us, value themselves and value their relationships. 


For John and I, watching Openlove101 grow from 25 followers that first week to tens of thousands today has been beyond gratifying. It means the message is being spread. It means people are stopping to listen and learn about a relationship model which ends up benefiting them in ways they could’ve never imagined. How beautiful it is to be part of a movement determined to create honorable unions. Ones that stand the test of time. 


Since 2015, John and I have been spreading the word. Whether through our YouTube, our articles, Instagram, Facebook, or TV, we’ve made sure others know about the benefits of an open relationship. We’ve done dozens of interviews with others who believe open relationships offer solutions to couples, and as a result we’ve seen an explosion in interest and curiosity about what open relationships have to offer. No longer is an open relationship some novel endeavor, but has stepped into the light as a viable relationship model.


John and I have talked about our journey. The trials and triumphs. The ways in which our communication has expanded. How we’ve learned to be constructive in our discussions and honoring of each other’s individuality. We offer tips on boundaries, self esteem, confidence, sexual healing, and how to break free from the self imposing restrictions we place on ourselves. 


We want others to know and believe they too can create the most magnificent unions possible. 


John and I are continuing to expand Openlove101. We now have a wonderful membership program, Openlove101+, where we offer weekly face to face sessions, special content, and a close knit community of other couples and singles. We will continue to bring videos and articles on a weekly basis all while maintaining a safe space to learn and grow.


Please join John and I in toasting Openlove101…we know the best is yet to come.

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