My Husband Had A F**king Heart Attack!!!

My Husband Had A F**king Heart Attack!!!

By: Jackie Melfi

As most of you know I keep a journal. I write in it everyday. Have been for the past 11 years. So it’s no surprise I have an entry for what would turn out to be an inauspicious day on one hand and yet a fortunate one simultaneously. You see, on Saturday, September 2, 2023, my husband John had a massive heart attack.

We’ve both decided to share our thoughts and experiences from that fateful day. This is my side of what happened. You’ll find John’s account below mine. We hope our story will remind everyone the importance of loving one another, as you never know what the next instance might bring. We also hope our cautionary tale will also remind everyone to stay vigilant when it comes to their health. We must always remain advocates for ourselves.


Journal entry:

Sleep was interrupted by coughing. It appears the medical steps I’ve taken to relieve my congestion symptoms have failed to bring the desired results. My hacking continues. I finally relented at 4:45am. I didn’t want to bother John anymore than I already had.

I started the coffee. I knew the warm liquid would soothe my overactive throat. I grabbed my journal, taking advantage of the solitude.

In the back of my head, I kept wondering if I could pull off making cinnamon rolls for this morning’s race. Then again, my luck with yeast has never been the greatest. We ended up having fruit smoothies, which was better for us anyways. John and I watched F1 qualifying. I then went out to water our potted plants.

John left for the go kart track. He has an upcoming race he’s been training for. This will be like the fourth time this week he’s gone to practice.

I talked with my brother on the phone, stopped by the Farmers Market and started packing for my upcoming trip to Wichita. My son is having hip surgery and I’ve agreed to care for him those first few days out of the hospital.

A little before 2pm, my phone rang. It was John, except it wasn’t. It was the owner of the go kart track. John had overheated and our friend was taking him to the local minor emergency center. I wrote down the address, dressed, and headed out. It didn’t sound all that serious, but there was no need for the go kart owner to be carting John around. I was at least a half hour from John’s location. I was just getting ready to get on the highway when my phone rang again. “They are taking John to Kingwood Medical Center.” Wait…what? I pulled off the highway and entered the hospital address into google maps. 

I met up with our friend at the entrance to the emergency room of the hospital. “He’s back in critical care.” I didn’t even have time to process what was happening. A nurse came out and escorted us back to where John was. My husband was hooked up to a plethora of machines. “Your husband’s having a heart attack.” John’s having a heart attack?! A heart attack?! What the hell are you talking about?! John lay on the gurney cussing about the tremendous pain he was experiencing and then apologizing for his cussing. His chest and both arms, the source of his discomfort.

The room was a hive of activity. People rushed around trying to alleviate John’s pain, while admissions hounded me for insurance info & signatures. “What’s your husband’s social security number? Does he have a DNR (do not resuscitate)? What’s your address? Email? On and on, all the while John’s crying out and nurses, like worker bees, tended to him. The cardiologist waltzed in and claimed rights to my husband. He would be taking him. I found myself standing in the midst of all this chaos like I was moving in slow motion. I nodded my head in agreement. Yes, do whatever you need to do to keep John alive. I obediently followed the doctor and his staff while they wheeled John from the emergency room and into the surgical room. I kissed John goodbye. “I love you.”

Our friend and I were parked in a destitute waiting room, while the doctor threaded a scope from John’s groin to his heart. The goal was to stent the malfunctioning artery. I followed our friend out to his truck. He gave me John’s duffle bag along with his wallet and phone. I put John’s bag in my car and walked back inside to wait.

Once alone in the waiting room, I set about making phone calls. I held it together, except for those first few moments of revelation to each person. No one could believe it. Of all the people to have a heart attack, John sat at the bottom of most peoples list. I mean if John’s susceptible, what hope do the rest of us have?

After an hour or so, the doctor appeared. They were able to place the stent in position. The artery was now open after a 100% blockage. Plaque buildup had somehow burst, creating what the doctor said was a widowmaker heart attack. The survival rate for a widowmaker heart attack is 12%. We are incredibly lucky. John’s heart had been so deprived of oxygen his blood was black. He’d had a very serious heart attack. The fact that John was still with us was nothing short of a miracle. The doctor showed me the footage of John’s blocked artery followed by the stent insertion. All the trauma of the day’s events has left John’s heart swollen and off beat. A parade of drugs will help stabilize this situation. Until at least Monday, my husband will be occupying a room in the intensive critical care unit of Kingwood’s Medical Centers South Tower. 

Once we had John all situated in the hospital room, I headed home. He would need a change of clothes. We would both need phone chargers and because of our plant based diet, John would need food. The drive home was surreal. The prospect of today’s outcome hung in the air. My world could have changed in an instant. The force of responsibility also sat heavy in the space. I had no time to collapse. Too much depended on me staying calm. The time to fall apart will need to happen later.

We found out the next day that John’s testosterone injections contributed to his plaque buildup. The cardiologist had seen it time and time again. Otherwise healthy men succumming to a heart attack with one common denominator…testosterone. The shock of this knowledge left both of us stunned. We’re so careful with our health. We exercise, eat healthy, and try to balance our work so as not to become stressed. Finding out our choices had a bearing on a less than healthy outcome was sobering to say the least. We were determined to change that when John was released a few days later. The ICC said filling out discharge papers from their floor wasn’t the norm.

“Typically, people are moved to a regular room before going home.”

The fact John was deemed stable enough to leave did pay some homage to our healthy lifestyle, even if some of the choices had been less than stellar. Driving home with my husband sitting next to me was one of life’s highlights. He was alive! He was coming home and we were going to kick ass together. But first there was another elephant in the room. My youngest son. Remember when I wrote about my son and his hip surgery? Well, I brought John home on Monday the 4th, the same day I was scheduled to fly out. I had two men relying on me. I didn’t want to leave John, yet I also had made arrangements to care for my son. John told me to go.

“I’m going to be fine.” I agreed to go, but to only stay a few days. Enough time to see my son through the roughest patch of his procedure. To make matters even more interesting, our 11th year wedding anniversary was the following day. In the course of just a few days, our world was turned upside down, but somehow we made it through…for this I will be eternally grateful.

Upon my return home, John gave me the following letter tucked sweetly inside an anniversary card. I will always treasure his words and be reminded how blessed we are to have each day together.


Eleven years of marriage! It has been amazing and better than I would ever have dreamed. It was put to the test this year, not from the normal things that might end a marriage…our marriage and friendship is very strong and I know we will be able to communicate and be loving through any challenge we encounter, but from me having a major heart attack and coming so close to death.

I realized while laying in the ER and you appearing there before they took me into surgery, that I’m not ready for this beautiful partnership of ours to end. In spite of all the pain I was feeling, you being there lessened it. You being there was like this bright neon sign flashing…”IT’S NOT TIME, YET!”

I realize we have a lot of years ahead of us and we are going to share the time we have left together, being grateful and loving to each other, exploring new places, and experiencing new things in life!

The years ahead of us will be full of joy and happiness and love and compassion. I have no doubt. There is so much comfort knowing we have built such a solid relationship together. I have never experienced anything like it and I am not ready to leave you here without me by your side. I am going to do whatever is in my power to be your husband for many wonderful years to come.

Thank you for being by my side, supporting me, loving me, encouraging me, learning with me, and taking care of me when I can’t take care of myself. I love you more than words can describe and I am so full of gratitude we are both still here, together! 

Love, John

The Day I Almost Died on the Track

By: John Melfi

On the sunny afternoon of September 2nd, 2023, I found myself at the go-kart track, preparing for an upcoming race I was eagerly anticipating. Little did I know this seemingly ordinary day would take a life-altering turn. As I drove onto the track for another practice session, a tightness around my rib cage gripped me, and I immediately felt uncomfortable. I initially thought my rib protector was too tight. What I initially dismissed as an equipment issue would soon turn into a life-threatening situation, all linked to my use of testosterone therapy.

After completing a few laps on the track, I realized that something was seriously wrong. The discomfort persisted, and I decided to pit. Stripping off my racing gear, I placed an ice bag on my neck, hoping it was just a matter of overheating. However, as minutes passed, I began to feel worse, almost as if I were succumbing to heatstroke. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, I asked a friend to take me to a nearby medical clinic. When we arrived at the med clinic I got out of the truck, laid down on the sidewalk and started vomiting. I felt very weak and the fact that I was throwing up affirmed in my mind that I was having heat stroke.

The clinic said they weren’t equipped to handle what was happening and sent us 10 minutes down the road to another clinic with better facilities. Once we arrived there I asked my friend to call Jackie and let her know what was going on. After hooking me up to a heart monitor they announced I was having a heart attack and called an ambulance. 

Wow, I couldn’t believe it…John Melfi, the pillar of health, was having a heart attack!!! 

They prepared me for the hospital ride. The pain in my chest was getting worse. They put me in the ambulance and off we went on my first ever ambulance ride. At this point I was in and out of consciousness. I was feeling more and more tired. We arrived at the hospital a few minutes later and they prepared me for surgery. Jackie arrived after I had been there for a few minutes. I was so happy to see her!! I wasn’t feeling like my life was in danger of ending, but later I found out I was so close to dying. I kissed Jackie and told her how much I loved her as they wheeled me into surgery.

I think I was mostly out of it while they were putting a stent in my heart, but I remember the surgeon saying my blood was black and the main artery was blocked 100%. I remember thinking, “how can this be? I have been plant based for 12 years and I am in great physical condition”. The next day I would find out what caused the near fatal widow-maker heart attack. I had been going to a hormone clinic for a few years to replace my low testosterone levels. During the course of my treatment there had been complications with the pellets and so a few months ago we had switched to injections. I was told to inject 3mgs every other day. I was also on estrogen suppressors.

I had blood work every few months and the levels were steadily rising. The hormone clinic was never concerned about the levels. I had received blood test results on Sept 1st and the levels were higher than I had seen them. I scheduled an appointment the following week with a new hormone therapy clinic to get a second opinion and discuss bringing the levels down. I was a few days late…I had my heart attack the following day. My cardiologist informed me my testosterone level was 1900 and was the likely cause of the heart attack. Thankfully, my cholesterol numbers were great and there was zero plaque in my other arteries. 

I was very wary about sharing this with all of you…I don’t like the attention and it is something very personal to me, but I have many friends and acquaintances that are taking testosterone supplements and I decided it is important to share my experience to potentially help someone avoid an event like I just experienced. I am not suggesting not to do the hormone therapy, there are definitely benefits, but I want everyone to be aware there are risks and ultimately it is our responsibility to make sure our levels don’t move into an area that can add additional risk.

I would like to give a huge thanks to my friends at the track who helped me and got me to the hospital quickly. Thanks to Jackie for being there for me through it all and always…I love you babe! Thanks to all of the medical staff that saved my life and took care of me after…you all were awesome! Thanks to my friends that have known what happened and have been so supportive and encouraging. It’s been a rough couple of weeks and ALL of you have helped me get through the mental stuff that’s been affecting me. And finally I am so grateful for EVERYONE in my life…you have all added something to the amazing life I’ve had.

Finally I would like to share that I am feeling great! There are some side effects to the medicines I am on, but I am so grateful to be alive. I am not done yet…I have races to win, mountains to climb, people to help and many many more experiences to share with my wife and best friend, Jackie! I love you guys and I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

20 thoughts on “My Husband Had A F**king Heart Attack!!!”

  1. Yeah, 3 mg eod is a HUGE dose!!!
    I’ve been on TRT for 14 years with very little side effects. My dosage is POINT 3 (.30) mgs eod which puts my levels in the 600 ng/dl range. A normal physiological level. Who ever told you to take that much should be shot!
    Good luck & speedy recovery!

  2. Sending Prayers and Healing to you John and both for prayers of strength and patience! Love heals all!! I had a chance to dance with y’all a few months back at Collette’s Dallas!! I had the cheetah Tattoo on my arm lol! Y’all inspired me to live in my best and true self!!!! Loved your vibes and can’t wait to attend again!! Happy Healing!!! ❤️✨❤️✨

  3. John & Jackie,
    I am in shock!
    Thank you both for sharing this experience.
    While I truly believe that life and the lifestyle are both wonderful and should be enjoyed to the hilt, a story like this brings into focus how fragile life can be.
    You are both in my prayers that you will continue your lives together for many more decades.
    Personally, I’ll be 82 when I next see the two of you in New Orleans in late June during NiN. I’ve been so blessed.
    Please take care of your VERY special selves.

  4. I am so sorry this happened to you John,but at the same time am happy that everything turned out good so far .while am not in the lifestyle I watch a lot of your videos and gives me a prospective on other people’s lives and relationships
    Best regards
    Stay healthy

  5. Holy Sh*t! What a shockingly scary experience. So very thankful that you’re ok, John. And kudos to you, Jackie, for being able to take care of two of your loved ones so kindly without falling apart. (We all would have understood if you had- hell, you deserved to with the stress put on your own heart!)

    Obviously, I wish you fabulous health and happiness moving forward, but more than that I want to thank you for sharing your stories so honestly. I also know lots of people taking testosterone and with all the T clinics popping up these days, it’s a huge public service to let others know that it’s not something to do lightly. I think your words will help more people than you’ll ever realize. Which, actually, is no different than any other day which is why I admire and appreciate y’all so very much.

    With huge hugs and love,
    Beth Darling

  6. I have not been following you guys the last few months because of my own health issues. I was very surprised to read about what happened. I’m very happy that things have been working out for the better. Now it’s just time to sit back and relax and regain yourself. I will be watching you guys for posts. I hope everything goes well, please take care.

  7. So many think these injections are the fountain of youth. They forget that they need to manage the rest of their health and work closely with their healthcare team.

    Thankfully, your other factors saved your life! Ok, plus having an amazing partner doesn’t hurt! Cheers to great health and a long future.

  8. John,
    I lost your cell number or I would be texting you. Heidi and I are so glad your doing better. As healthy as you were it’s a scary situation. God has other plans for you my friend. Stay on the mend and give Jackie a big kiss for being by your side. We will continue praying to pray for a full recovery. I recently got off the pellets and got on a compounded tell but you are making me more aware of my health. Thank you both for sharing g your story. Heidi will be in Houston in December and we hope to see both of y’all then. Stay healthy my friend.

  9. hey john & jacks. im very sorry to hear of this tragic news. you both write well (more jackie) and the story brought tears to my eyes. i dont even know you guys, but i follow you, watch your you tube vids and we have been to collette nola once. we are from Trinidad in the caribbean. i myself had a icu overnight stay recently (allergic reaction to nsaids). the reality of what hits you and your family , no matter the circumstance is real. i felt the same way that john felt, my wife the same as jacks. she held that shit together and she gave me a level of comfort, calm and hope, just by holding my hand. thanks for sharing this personal engagement. im now going to google this testosterone crap. take care, be safe and keep on f*#king 🙂

  10. John,
    So glad you are doing better now. I had a very similiar experience at the end of June this year. I am a 68 year old very fit and not overweight individual with no history of heart issues. But on the afternoon of June 29th I had a total blockage on the right artery. Fortunantly for me we have a very good hospital close by and a stent was put in to correct the problem within the hour. I have been going to Cardiac rehab for the past two months and feel great and gaining back my fitness. Latest ecocardiogram shows my heart effeciency is back to normal levels. Like you I live with a wonderful wife and we have many more adventures to enjoy together. I will say that many that took the covid vaccine are experiencing heart issues. Something to consider going forward.

  11. John & Jacki,
    So sorry to hear of your misfortune. Also, we were touched by the love and tenderness evident through both of your accounts of this experience.

    We work in this space . . . . heart attack and stroke prevention, and for the sake of those who follow you, would advocate one test, that in a 10-year, 100,000 person-year study, caught >98% of the events (heart attacks AND strokes). The test is called CIMT – adults >45 should get it . . . might have to get it through a concierge office since regular standard of care physicians just don’t have the time to implement new technology that is not required. We’ve left contact info if you would like to know more. Our only interest is in helping prevent these types of events. So glad that John survived – you two do a lot of good in the world. Please stay safe and healthy for our sakes! Sending hugs, T & H

  12. All our love to you and John. So glad all well and looking good. We love listening and learning from you guys and look forward to more. Peace and love. Roll easy, Rich and Dayle

  13. Jennings Jackson

    We’ve been following y’all’s podcast for a while now. Thanks for all you two do for the LS. So glad to hear you’re doing better. What a scary thing to know you are doing all you can to stay as healthy as possible and this can still happen. Makes us all wonder how we can ever trust our medical professionals with our wellbeing and health. I do have a question about your statement “ I was told to inject 3mgs every other day.”. I was prescribed .04 ml of Testosterone Cypionate injection (200 mg/ml) which is about 75 mg per injection twice a week (150 mg a week). Would you share what type of Testosterone you were prescribed? This is mine: Testosterone Cypionate injection (200 mg/ml) 1 ml viles by Cipia.

  14. Hi John & Jackie,

    Thanks for sharing your story. Wow! Talk about a wake up call. Your story hit home. Like you we are also married for 11 years and we’re close in age. We have been following you for three years listening to your podcasts and watching your videos. Keep them coming! You have made a positive impact in our lives. We had the pleasure to meet you at your session at Naughty (I was the one without voice LOL!) and we were thrilled. We wish John a speedy recovery and you’re both in our prayers. We look forward to seeing you at NIN ‘24. Xoxo, Rich & Sharon

  15. We have bee following your site as new comers for several months now.
    We wish you both the best going through this tragedy.
    As a testosterone user for many years now men must know to monitor their Hematocrit regularly. Most clinics and some doctors do not pay attention to this critical blood marker.
    It sounds like the HRT Clinic was negligent in letting John’s testosterone level get so high.
    Hopefully all is well and we wish u the best!!
    Joe and Julie

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