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Dear John & Jackie

Any recommendations on how to get started in the lifestyle when you have young kids. We want to visit a club, however the closest one is an hour away. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



Dear Newbies,

Unless you’re able to drop the kiddos off at the grandparents house for a night out, you may have to opt for date nights closer to home. Some swingers will host house parties while other couples simply get together for dinner or drinks. We know a lot of couples who join one or more of the adult social sites online. Sites like or are just a couple we are familiar with. These sites are fantastic avenues in which to connect with area swingers, parties, and clubs. They also offer stateside as well as international vacation destinations for those couples looking to spend quality time with other like minded couples.

Good luck!


Dear John & Jackie,

When/if should you alert your medical provider you are in the Lifestyle? Get STD testing prior to activities/dating? Regular testing?

Healthy In The Lifestyle


Dear HITL,

When John and I got married, we moved cities. This meant new doctors. We were honest and upfront with our new physician about our lifestyle.

As much as I would like to say you will be 100% protected if you are tested or your play partner has been tested, I simply can’t make that claim. Anytime you are in close proximity with another person you run the risk of contracting any number of infections, not just an STI. Fortunately, the medical field has progressed in many areas of what are considered sexual infections with effective treatments. I would suggest being as proactive as possible. Get regular testing, keep your doctor informed, and discuss the subject with those you are interested in playing.


Dear John & Jackie,

Let me introduce myself. My name is ______ and I was born and raised in ______.  This lifestyle has evoked a certain amount of curiosity that needs to be explored. I saw your video where you described a single man coming in, sticking to the club’s etiquette and ultimately having a great time.

My question is this, given my name you could probably tell that I’m not a blond haired, blue eyed “all-american” boy. Do you think I would enjoy myself in your club given that I’m Indian-American? I guess I’m wondering if I’d be the first of my “type” visiting your club?

First Time To A Club



One of my favorite features of our clubs, is the diversity. All walks of life, all ethnicities, just a wonderful mix of society. I guarantee you are not the first Indian-American, nor will you be the last.

Will you enjoy yourself? I always tell those new to the club to leave their expectations at the door. If you enter expecting something, your opportunity for disappointment grows. Whether or not you enjoy yourself is totally up to you. I have had multiple opportunities to visit with single men who attend our club, those who come in with an upbeat attitude, aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and engage in conversations with couples and singles, typically return numerous times.

Hope to see you soon.

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