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John and I love to travel. Whether we are tootling around the beautiful US of A or spending 16 hours in the air flying to exotic destinations, we want to see as much of this incredible planet as we can.

Late last year, John and I decided to try something new. We booked a river cruise with Couples Cruise. The cruise launched in Amsterdam, flowed lazily down the Rhine, stopping in countless German cities, then a stop in France and ended up in Switzerland. Not only was the cruise incredibly intimate (somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 couples), but the ship was stunning. Each day was a new adventure as the ship would dock and we would disembark, ready to spend the day exploring. The other great advantage to a river cruise is the time we spent at port. Not only did we have the day to spend in each town, but during some of our stops, the ship docked until the following morning. This allowed those on board to check out the cities’ nightlife. If you have never had the chance to visit a European Swingers’ Club, you are in for a treat!

As most of you know, John and I are vegan. The cruise ship actually brought a chef on board for the entire cruise to prepare meals to fit our diet. Seeing how much the cruise line cared about its clientele was the tipping point for me. John and I were extremely impressed with the service, the staff and the accommodations. So impressed in fact, that we signed up for Couples Cruise’s next river cruise traveling down the Danube, November 6-13, 2016. (Click the image below to discover more.)

Swing Lifestyle

We hope you can join us in this amazing opportunity to visit some of Europe’s most enchanting cities and sights.

Hope to see you soon!

John & Jackie

P.S. Here’s a talk we had with Bob & Tess during the last cruise!

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