The World Love Summit: What I learned from 19 lifestyle experts

Almost seven years ago, I ran full speed ahead into the world of consensual non-monogamy and never looked back. With the support of my husband and my own drive, I charged into this new world devouring everything in my path. I read books with titles like, “The Ethical Slut” and “Sex at Dawn.” I dug into “The Myth Of Monogamy” and “The Jealousy Workbook,” all in an attempt to understand this new and exciting relationship model.

My bookshelves began to reflect a proactive motivational, positive thinking, and sexually liberated household. A history search on my computer would uncover articles straight from Psychology Today. I poured over scientific studies, university trials, and doctorial findings. How was there all of this scientific research to back up this relationship model, yet hardly any acknowledgement? The information about the validity of swinging/poly/open unions was available but you really had to dig. In this day of instant information, people want as much data as possible with the least amount of effort.

This was the copulation moment for The World Love Summit, the moment John and I realized compiling a mountain of information in one location would and could open up a whole new world for those interested or curious about alternate relationship models. We spent the summer conducting interviews with doctors, therapists, Shibari experts (the art of rope), fellow lifestylers, and podcasters in order to convene the best of the best in the world of consensual non-monogamy.

With each and every interview we did, I gained more knowledge. I learned:

    • The art of rope tying or Shibari is much more than being tied up.
    • Sexual issues are often underlying miscommunications.
    • The importance of sexual information from a physical standpoint. How much did I understand the workings of my own body?
    • The importance of a good hug!

Every interview opened not only doors within myself, but gave me a glimpse inside the lives of others. We may all look different, describe things in our own distinct way, but really, at the end of the day, we’re much more alike than we realize.

I learned about my body, my desires, and new sexual things I’d like to try. I learned that being in the minority of any issue or controversy can be laced with challenges while at the same time completely liberating. I learned that sex isn’t some distant abstract notion but a living breathing natural state of being, and that our sexual behavior can be traced back through the ages. Accordingly, our genetic tie to our past can be a key in unlocking who we are today. And most importantly I learned that I am a very normal functioning person, and that consensual non-monogamy is not a perverse, deviant lifestyle but a normal, healthy option that we have the freedom to choose for us.

I hope all our readers and those new to Openlove101 will find as much knowledge lurking within these interviews as John and I have. We hope this melting pot of contributors will inspire thought provoking dialog between couples and even bring like minded individuals together to watch and discuss the interviews as a group. This summit is about bringing people together,  opening up those lines of communication, and uniting you with your best self. After all, the world starts with each of you!

BTW you can claim a FREE ticket to the World Love Summit right here:

P.S. Since the original launch in December, we’ve added TWO new speakers – Kenneth Play, sex hacker, and George Jones of SDC. Be sure to check them out!

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