Don’t Make These Common Swingers Lifestyle Mistakes

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Our mission is to inform, educate and provide conversation for anyone interested in a more open relationship with their partner. To further foster a community of open minded, sexually motivated adults who want to experiment in love and sex.

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“Amazing. Tina was just mentioning to me how awesome the ABC News Nightline report was. We are not ready to come out yet to our family and friends, but this was very powerful to watch. Perhaps we will be ready one day. Kudos to you and your wife.” – Scott W.

“Thanks for spending time with us the other night. Watching your video series on ‘How To Have a Threesome’ and then sharing your experiences with me afterwards really helped me sort through the mixed feelings I was having. It has started some great communication between Tom and I. We are looking forward to fulfilling some of our fantasies thanks to you and John!” – Cindy M.

“I just watched you on ABC News Nightline and wanted to compliment you on your poise and beauty. Your husband is truly a lucky guy. I am in a long term marriage that has been great, but we have never been with other couples. Seeing you on TV has given my wife the courage to explore!” – Matt

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Love Coach

Jackie grew up in the great state of Kansas. She is the oldest of 3 siblings. As Jackie puts it, she grew up in what would be considered a very traditional household. Dad worked, Mom stayed home, they attended church 3 times a week, and she was very involved in school. “I grew up pretty normal. I had great relationships with my extended family, had a stable home life, and would have been classified as a Daddy’s girl!”



Love Coach

John also grew up in Kansas which is where he met Jackie…they went to high school together. John moved to Florida just after graduating in 1982. His first 3some experience took place his first night in Tampa. He went out to a nightclub and was taken home by 2 girls. “People are always asking me when I got into swinging. I refer back to my first threesome in Tampa…I didn’t even know what a swinger was. I just always felt open minded.”, says John.